Jean Suret-Canale
The Fouta-Djalon Chieftaincy West African Chiefs.
Their Changing Status under Colonial Rule and Independence

Michael Crowder & Obaro Ikime (eds.)
New York, pp. 79-97. Translated from French by Brenda Packman.
University of Ife Press, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 1970

Table of Contents

  1. The State of Fouta-Djalon
  2. The Conquest of Fouta-Djalon
  3. The Fall of Alfa Yaya and the liquidation of the great chieftaincies
  4. The Movement towards direct administration: the 'Feudal Plot' of 1911 and the break up of the Fouta
  5. The Fouta-Djalon Chieftaincy under the colonial regime
  6. The Crisis and the fall of the Chieftaincy